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Covid -19 Expect the unexpected

The hope that is emerging from ‘lockdown’ is the recognition, albeit unwittingly, that the health of the other and of everybody is required for one’s own health. Health is social. One cannot immunize oneself without everybody on board. This renewed

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International Responses

The entire world is hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Tens of thousands have lost their precious lives. Updates from hot-spot countries arrive us each day through the media. Since Covid has a tendency to spread out  exponentially, other countries are

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Spirituality and Religiosity

The whole world is struggling with a pandemic: the coronavirus. Perhaps never before has the entire humanity found itself united against a common enemy like this. The virus has brought people of all nations together irrespective of religion and culture,

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C for COVID, CHANGE and more

Covid-19 has changed us, the way we live and relate to one another.It has been extremely hard for many. In the long run, however,the world seems to be changing, more accepting of the other,consumption patterns have changed and more people

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Circles of Kindness

The coming months will demand the best from us. Scientists and health workers will be at the frontlines of this war, even as a badly broken economy will ravage our dispossessed people. The only chance we have of overcoming one

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Peace-making Efforts in the Northeast

Interview – Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil /Augustine Pamplany Hailing from the Southern State of Kerala, he embraced the Northeast India as his life-long habitat. The serenity and tranquillity of his person is loud enough to produce the resonances of peace and

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