During the time of any crisis, the hardest hit is the poor. The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has left us all bewildered at the response of State governance structures, more so due to the enormity and unprecedented spread
of the infection and the inadequate institutional frameworks to handle it with minimal collateral damage. In fact,
I have no special competence on this entire subject, but I can share a few thoughts about how things look like
from this part of the country, especially Jharkhand and to some extent, in the surrounding States of Bihar, Odisha,
West Bengal and so on. These are some of the poorest States of this country. I think it is important to focus more on these States from now on because that is where the next crisis is likely to be, a crisis of survival and a crisis of widespread hunger.
If you look back over the last few weeks, one of the striking things we observe is that the Central Government was
consistently unable to anticipate the next crisis.

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