The Outcaste of India- The Sanitary Workers

by admin | November 19, 2020 10:43 am

The recent gruesome gang rape and killing of a 19 year-old young woman in Hathras by the so called upper caste men, in Uttar Pradesh, India has shaken the country. A large number of Indians are on the streets asking for justice while those affiliated to Hindutva ideology and politics protect the accused. This young woman belonged to a community called VALMIKI or BALMIKI, the manual scavenger community. The manual scavenging is almost exclusively done by the Valmiki, a Hypocrisy and contradictions are part of the social life of many of us Indians. Our clean India campaign might clean the streets of India but our mind-sets are littered with the filth of the varna-caste beliefs and practices subsection of the Dalit community. Dalits before the independence of India were untouchables or the Avarna. Dalits are not shudra, the fourth caste within the realm of Hinduism. Dalits are outcastes, identified as the Scheduled Castes after 1951 as India became a Republic.The Constitution did away with social discrimination. But has the practice, of treating the Dalits as untouchables, ceased? The answer is NO. The so called upper castes who call themselves savarna even today discriminate Valmiki and Dalits in a number of ways and in varied degrees [in fact the savarna should call..

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