The Song of Life

by admin | May 20, 2020 1:49 pm

When did you last sing a song or heard someone singing? When did you last hear the chirpings of the birds and
wondered how soothing to the ears they sound? When did you last skip the barber for more than two weeks in a row? When did you realize that you too can cook?

Spouses came to know each other a little better and children had the fortune of home play under careful gaze of parents as governments grappled with ideas to quarantine people, not to control but to save them. Today the roads are empty, and the trees are full of birds of different kinds, and the haste of life is halted.It is the beginning of the unknown.

One must settle down with oneself and ponder a while. The song of life that was lost to worldly pursuits was making a whispering return. It is The time to think and act. I used this lockdown to ask a few questions-some big ones and many small ones-and sought some light to come through. The good thing was my willingness to listen to all, for I had plenty of time to indulge with myself and others who were visible to me. It was also the beginning of a new journey. Pandemics have happened in the past too, but rarely have they brought the whole world to its knees. The most developed nations are the worst affected. The helplessness of the mighty made the weak tremble in fear. The fallacy of big civilizational leaps in technology was exposed. It lay bare the weak underbelly of preparedness to face unpredictability on such unprecedented scale. COVID-19 laughed at us and our sense of superiority.

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