The United States and its Dramatic PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION

by admin | November 19, 2020 10:34 am

Joe Biden has won the US Election and will unseat President Donald Trump after just one term in office. President Trump is only the 9th president in U.S. history not to be elected to a second term. Biden won the popular vote by 50.6% to Trump’s 47.6% (a margin of over 4 million votes). Although two states – North Carolina and Georgia – remain too closely divided to call them for one candidate or the other, so far in the electoral votes (each state is designated electoral votes based mostly on population size) Biden has received 274 to Trump’s 214. A candidate requires 270 minimum to win. Most Americans are breathing a sigh of relief that the election is finally over, regardless of which candidate one supported. No election in living memory has been as contentious or expensive. For both the right and the left of the political spectrum, this election was considered extremely critical – some arguing that the fate of the nation hung in the balance – which resulted in record breaking voter participation. The fear of election violence was a common concern. Those on the left worried that right wing militia groups with high powered
automatic weapons would intimidate voters or worse – unleash violence in the case of a Biden win – in Democrat-leaning urban, suburban and coastal districts. On the right, people worried about looting or mob violence on the left in the event of a Trump win. Their fears were not unfounded. Violent outbursts had disrupted the mostly peaceful anti-racist protests against police violence during the May to July time frame, by heavily armed militias and white supremacist groups opposing them from the extreme right, and mob style destruction of property and looting from some protesters on the far left. This came after the earlier rejection by many on the right of Covid-19 prevention
measures imposed by health authorities such as wearing masks in public and restrictions of movement. At that time heavily-armed figures showed up in state capitals, even attempting to occupy the State House in Michigan. Recently, the FBI revealed that it had foiled an extremist right-wing plot to kidnap the Democratic Governor of Michigan.

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