Women as fighters

by admin | September 21, 2020 7:08 am

I completely agree with you that in this pandemic, many things have come into sharp focus that existed before and unfortunately will continue to exist even after. This pandemic reminded us, for instance, that all our cities are run by a large number of migrant workers and daily wagers that we have never cared for. This is as much their city. Our life, in fact, functions because there are a whole lot of people who help us. I am able to work today because somebody
is cooking for me or taking care of my child while I am working. There are people who are constructing buildings, are street hawkers and shopkeepers, but we do not really care for them. Today they are caught between starvation and the virus. Hope we now realise that just being able to be at home in itself is a luxury, a privilege. The urban poor live in such congested areas, especially in big cities. How do we expect them to do social distancing? How do we
expect them to really obey the lockdown? How do they earn? And if they don’t earn, they don’t eat. What will happen to their children and how are the women holding it all together, as they often do? Unfortunately, it is always the marginalised who get the short end of the stick. Even though we say that the virus is a leveller, actually it is not.

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