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Food crisis in Brazil

Brazil is currently facing an epidemic more dangerous than the corona virus. It is hunger. Once hailed globally for its success in combating hunger, the country is facing a serious food crisis. After the economic boom of the 2000s and

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Lebanon’s Economic Collapse and Need for Food Justice

Lebanon is facing one of the most severe socio-economic collapses. This has led to dramatic food insecurity for both the citizens and thousands of refugees living in Lebanon. Lebanon was already suffering from the economic recession compounded by the COVID-19

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The Only Palpable Thing is Destruction

Vitaliy Osmolovskyy is a Ukrainian. At present, he is doing voluntary service for the Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

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Food and Agricultural Crisis in Ukraine

On August 30, as I write this article, the news has just been published that the first ship, with Ukrainian agricultural products, which was chartered by the UN World Food Programme, arrived in Djibouti with 23,000 tonnes of wheat on

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