Food and Agricultural Crisis in Ukraine

by admin | September 13, 2022 12:12 pm

On August 30, as I write this article, the news has just been published that the first ship, with Ukrainian agricultural products, which was chartered by the UN World Food Programme, arrived in Djibouti with 23,000 tonnes of wheat on board. After unloading, wheat will be delivered to consumers in Ethiopia. As part of the initiative, 44 ships left Ukrainian ports and exported more than 1 million tonnes of agricultural products to 15 countries around the world last month. I never gave much thought to Ukrainian agriculture. As an economist by education, I always knew that it was a big and important part of our economy. As a Ukrainian by heritage, I always knew how fertile our land was. Fascists were taking black land from Ukraine to Germany. The Soviets created an artificial famine in 1932- 33. Millions of Ukrainians died, though it was the best harvest in decades.

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