by admin | January 12, 2023 12:53 pm

To ask about education today is to ask about what kind of society we desire. In the current complex and fast-paced world, the incorporation of technology is both an opportunity and a challenge. Big Data and Analytics are today redefining almost all areas of human activity, and specifically education. The key question is this: what scope these technological models have on our forms of interaction and our view of the human being? Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education is an important area of reflection given that it not only shapes the thinking, action and character of individuals throughout their lives but also forms part of the human rights framework. In educational production, we increasingly encounter metaphors such as ‘the mind as a computer’, ‘knowledge as data’, and ‘learning as data analysis’. I have chosen three scenarios where these metaphors allow us to discern what we seek and what direction we want to take.

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