by admin | January 13, 2023 12:12 pm

This contribution presents two Colombian experiences of the use of technology in peacebuilding training programmes. First, it briefly describes some relations between science, technology, and peace; then, it shows the relevance of non-violent management of conflicts; finally, it illustrates two cases in which technology has helped overcome distance to share experiences on peace-building between isolated grassroots communities.

1. Science, Technology, and Peace
Relationships between modern science and technology configure a complex interaction that has transformed the lives of many people in the Western world and beyond. Some practical discoveries aim at theoretical reflection to deepen the understanding of reality while several new theories open the space to innovative applications of scientific knowledge. If such interaction improves the quality of human life and promotes other kinds of life on earth, that does not depend merely on science and technology. Flourishing life in its different shapes needs a peaceful environment. This would be possible if science and technology are oriented in the right direction by wisdom. Both science and technology are necessary for humanity to overcome natural disasters and to control them.

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